We are here to help ensure that both you and your family have healthy eyes, and more importantly that they remain that way.

The SPEX price promise

We guarantee that if you buy spectacles from us and find you could have bought the exact same products from elsewhere on the high-street we will refund your full purchase price and give you your spectacles free of charge


Terms and Conditions apply

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Using the most uptodate equipment our fundus camera can help catch potential problems before they develop.

Our skilled Optometrists can pin-point your needs

We have a huge range of spectacles on offer including top designer brands

We offer a range of eyewear, you can even create your own custom frames

We're always here to help! To adjust, refit and polish your spectacles

Our optical laboratories are equiped with state of the art lens production facilities.

At our practice we have an on site optical lab which allows us to extend a very efficient service to all our patients, even the most advanced lenses can be glazed to the frames chosen with the latest hi tech equipment, and with our stock of over 1,000 of lenses.

You will receive the vision you want without having to wait for weeks, this is very important for emergencies such as loss of your spectacles or breakage particularly with children.

Spex eyecare centre recommend lenses from all the leading manufacturers including Essilor, Hoya Zeiss and Pentax, and we only offer the highest standards. The peace of mind and outstanding quality guarantee associated with these well known brands ensures ultimate customer satisfaction.

Single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses as well as plastic glass and polycarbonate are available to suit all prescriptions many within one hour at some locations.

Improvements can be made to the cosmetic appearance of your spectacles using thinner and lighter lenses and anti reflection coatings to reduce glare are recommended to improve the performance of your spectacles. Impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable, subject to normal wear, which are ideal for lively children and active adults.

Transition lenses which change from virtually clear lenses inside to dark lenses in bright sunshine to minimise strain on the eyes and becoming more popular and this advance in technology offers the eyes protection from the harmful effects of radiation as they adjust to the ever changing light.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, value and service - here for every aspect of your eyecare. Your eyes will be thoroughly examined with the latest test room technologies, by highly skilled and qualified Optometrists. We offer both private and NHS sight tests.